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  Dear Exhibitors,  
  We noticed that our fair name “MIJF - Malaysia International Jewellery Fair” has been used of by an online fair guide, Expo-Guide, which targets & invites you to subscribe and sign up for on-line listing order. Please beware of such irresponsible act conducted by this company, as it may leads you to be bound by its THREE (3) years contract.  
Kindly be noted that:
  1. Elite Expo Sdn Bhd has no official or unofficial collaborations with Expo Guide (the company that provide listing services through fraud)
  2. Promptly ignore all similar forms sent to you by Expo Guide.
  3. Read carefully of unidentified forms sent to you. Make calls to our Marketing Personnel for clarifications if necessary before signing any of the documents.
  *Refer to the below sample of the fraud letter:  
  Any matter pertaining to this, please contact The Organizer at:  
  Elite Expo Sdn Bhd
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