Exhibition Date : 7 - 10 August 2020
Opening Hours : 11am - 7pm
Venue : KL Convention Centre, Malaysia

* Kindly PRESENT your identity card/passport during registration for security purposes. All information will be
* Kindly PROVIDE your business card (if applicable).
* All visitors under the age of 18 years old and improper attire will not granted admission.
* Registration counters open at 11am and close at 6.45pm. Kindly PRESENT your identity card/passport during
   registration for security purposes.
* Visitors are COMPULSORY to have admission badges at all times in the exhibition hall. 
* All badges issued by the Organizer are strictly non-transferable and in any such case the right of expulsion will
   immediately be exercised.
* All visitors must be in FORMAL ATTIRE. Visitors with shorts, singlet or slippers will not be granted admission.
* In registering for or accepting the offer of admittance to the exhibition, visitors agree to be bound by these rules
   and regulations and the rules of exhibition venue.
* No un-authorized photo-taking, video-recording, drawing, sketching or any other reproduction of any exhibits is
   allowed at the exhibition hall.
* The Organizer reserves the full rights to refuse admittance, and also to the expulsion of any visitor, without
   assigning any reason, which in the opinion of the Organizer, those conduct, is in breach of rules and regulations
   contained herein and/or at its sole discretion

* The Organizer will not be held liable for any lost or damages caused to personal belongings of visitors or for the
   death or injury sustained by any visitor whilst on or leaving the exhibition hall.
* Visitors agree that the Organizers shall not incur any liability to him or her for any products displayed or sold by
   any exhibitor at the exhibition.
* The Organizer shall not incur any liability for any additional, amendment or termination of any information
   contained, printed, published, posted in any advertising and promotional materials.

* Visitors are COMPULSORY to register upon admission to the exhibition hall. Any personal information revealed,
   spoken, written during the registration will strictly be kept private and confidential.
* Visitors agree that the personal data provided will be included in the Organizer’s database and used by the
   Organizers for promotional purposes.
* The Organizer has the rights to utilize any photos or videos of Individuals, products, scenes captured in the
   exhibition hall for promotional purposes without the consent of any parties.
* The Organizer reserves full rights to refuse entry or to remove any individual from the exhibition hall at any time at
   its sole discretion.

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